Bitcoin and the World of Online Gambling

Bitcoins on the table

Bitcoin is a universal currency often referred to as crypto-currency. It was created in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, and its popularity has increased year after year. This digital currency is generated via a process called “mining,” and users who wish to “mine” bitcoins do so from their computers.

The peer-to-peer nature of Bitcoin has made it extremely popular. It is also decentralized, which means that no government is involved in its management.

Bitcoin has been available for a few years now, and it is becoming more and more popular in the online gambling industry. Unless you’ve been completely cut off from the rest of the world lately, chances are you know that it’s a type of digital currency often referred to as a crypto-currency.

It has been created and is controlled through digital encryption techniques. The transfer and verification of this currency is done via open-source software, and there are no middlemen or central banks involved.

Bitcoin casinos and blockchain

Let’s properly define another concept that may sound new to many of you: the blockchain. It is practically a kind of registry where monetary transactions that are made by users sharing the same network are permanently stored. These movements are protected by so-called cryptographic blocks and, therefore, absolutely safe.

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The blockchain regulates the functioning of all transactions made with this cryptocurrency and allows moving money in total protection thanks to cryptographic systems. For this reason, online casinos are increasingly offering this very reliable method of payment.

At first glance, a bitcoin casino or a casino where you can deposit with bitcoin seems very normal.

An absolute advantage for online gamblers who use this cryptocurrency is that no account details are passed on in any way, which is perhaps why this method of payment is becoming more and more popular online and not just in the gambling scene.

If you are going to try to play on a Bitcoin Casino but have not yet come into possession of this cryptocurrency, get an eWallet or cyber wallet by downloading simple software for iOS and Android devices. Once you come into possession of a crypto wallet you can buy currency directly from an online provider.

How to choose the best bitcoin casinos

The realm of online bitcoin gambling is composed of details that are already indispensable in operators. No online casinos for real money or bitcoin are conceivable that do not meet each and every one of these features.

Because each one means ease, operability, profit, or comfort, gambling providers keep an eye on the latest advances and all the benefits they can provide to their users in order to improve their gambling experience on the web and attract new followers.

Among the features that the best Bitcoin casinos must have are:

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  • Licensing. Permits from international entities based in Malta, Curacao, the United Kingdom and other countries are essential to accredit the security of an online operator. Those licenses are given by the countries where bitcoin casinos operate add extra credit to their trustworthiness.
  • Adapted mobile versions. These apps must  allow the download of casino games and functional access through the URL of the portal. Guaranteeing the best gaming experience is the purpose of these versions conceived for each technology.
  • Variety of slots and other games. Slots are one of the most popular games in Internet portals. The variety of themes, designs and RTP must be present at the time of creating a good stock. But, other products cannot be forgotten. The best Bitcoin casino should also have roulette, blackjack, craps, scratch cards, poker and many other games.
  • Products from the best suppliers. Today’s most notable developers provide their merchandise to the casino with bitcoins. Among the mortar of developers on virtual entertainment platforms that accept bitcoin, there are such names as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, MGA, among others.
  • Diversity of payment methods. In addition to the bitcoin internet casino that is self-respecting has its tuning fork open to other forms of payment. Because not all cryptocurrency-loving players have at all times the sufficient amount to meet the minimum deposit required by operators. In this and in any other case, the multiple payment methods guarantee the well-being of the user.

Main steps how to use cryptocurrency

You need to get a wallet for the currency. The multibit app is supported by Mac, Windows and Linux. After you have obtained the wallet, you need to go to a bitcoin exchange to buy the currency.

Be sure to choose your exchange carefully because, as with everything else, there are more reputable exchanges than others – the downside (or upside, depending on how you look at it) of bitcoin is that there is no government overseeing these exchanges.

Once you have bitcoins in your wallet, all you have to do is start playing at any casino that offers bitcoins.

The offer of bitcoin casinos

The player does not have to make any compromises in terms of the offer at Bitcoin Casinos because he will also find here the concentrated selection of casino games of all kinds. For example, slots.

These slot machines have a long tradition – even in real casinos – and attract players magically. In online casinos that also accept bitcoins, this is no different. The slots are also available here in  abundance. Thereby, the thematic field is very broad.

Bitcoin and roulette halo

There are classic slots in which, for example, bells, fruits or the number 7 are among the symbols. In addition, there are also themed slots that have a lot to offer graphically and can even shine with small video sequences. The slots are available from well-known manufacturers such as NetEnt, Novoline or NextGen.

But not only the slots count in online Bitcoin casinos to the offer. The normal card and table games are not neglected here either. These are almost always the absolute classics called blackjack or roulette. But also poker or baccarat are very common in online Bitcoin casinos.

If you want to play in a special atmosphere, you can also try a live casino. Here, the games are played with real dealers or croupiers, which once again provides a thrill and a certain flair.