10 Mistakes People Make When Organizing Blockchain Projects

Blockchain projects today are one of the most innovative start-ups. Many entrepreneurs use blockchain technology to build successful projects and attract additional investment. This type of projects is not easy to implement.

Blockchain technology is built on mathematical algorithms. That is why to build a successful business an entrepreneur has to understand well how blockchain management works.

10 Mistakes To Avoid

In order to build up business with the help of blockchain technology a good understanding of its functioning is needed. Here are 10 main mistakes you have to avoid when implementing such a project:

  • Wrong positioning of the project. Modern start-ups are very innovative. They are commonly organized in the sectors of Data Management or Knowledge management. As these business sectors are relatively new, entrepreneurs rarely explain fully what their startup idea is about.
  • Counting on getting financing only from initial coin offering. In the majority of cases, startupers count on financing from ICO. New digital currency is not easy to monetise. This is the reason why many blockchain businesses fail to grow.
  • Presentation of an undeveloped idea. It is the second big problem that young start-ups face. Entrepreneurs usually try to introduce their idea on the market as soon as possible. Very often they introduce incomplete products on the markets. This is the reason why it is often hard for them to attract investment.
  • Lack of confidence in a project. Introducing a blockchain business on the virtual market is quite risky. Digital currency is also not the most credible currency. That is why many businessmen fear to implement their business ideas. They find it hard to attract new investment.
  • Usage on insecure digital wallets. Using cryptocurrency is very risky because of safety reasons. Many e-wallets are still not secure enough. Digital Money can be easily stolen at any point of time. A start-up should find a reliable e-wallet to keep the currency.
  • Promising a return to investors quickly. An entrepreneur has to understand that blockchain businesses do not have an immediate return on investment. They can start generate profit as soon as the currency is monetised. It should also grow in value.

  • Not correct market assessment. In order to launch any type of a start-up, it is important to choose a business sector that will grow and develop. There should be a demand for a specific product on the market.
  • Incorrect decision about blockchain project type. It is important to choose the right program to launch new virtual start-ups. This can be Ethereum Ghost, Hash Graph or Byzantium.
  • Lack of right infrastructure to build up the business. It is necessary to get libraries, languages and special software to run such types of projects.
  • Formation of a wrong business model. A blockchain startup can be only successful if a right business model is used. To from one, it is necessary to evaluate correctly the needs and expectations of a project.

These are the main disadvantages of launching blockchain startups. It is important to avoid making these 10 mistakes.