Using Bitcoin as a Bonus Tool for Online Gaming Platforms

The cryptocurrency market has seen its online presence grow on different platforms. Gambling websites have welcomed the digital currency with open arms. Not only as an alternative source of payment but also as a way of giving free coins on their platform.

Technically, two main online establishments utilize bitcoin as a tool for online gaming:

  1. Blockchain platforms
  2. Online Bitcoin casinos

These blockchain platforms are more attractive to tech-savvy individuals. The general aim is to introduce a decentralized system.

These blockchain channels which generally utilize bitcoin cryptocurrency in the process also offer bitcoin as a form of reward for using their platform.

However, if you dig as deep as ICOpulse did to write their story on the best casinos which accept bitcoin, you will find that they work differently. They give bonus upon deposit, withdrawal, and interactions with the online casino. This bonus varies from one casino to another.

They use these bonus schemes to attract new users and keep existing players interested.

Major Advantages of Using Bitcoin as a Bonus Tool

The cryptocurrencies are still in the grey area of the law in most countries. Therefore, they are not controlled by the government.

Also, the decentralization of cryptocurrency provides no interference from third-party.

How Bonuses are Distributed

  1. New user bonus: to encourage new user signups, the platforms have a special welcome bonus for new players.
  2. First play bonus: new users are encouraged to play the first time by giving them a handsome bonus.
  3. Free spins: these are offered to the users with bonus codes associated with the platforms.
  4. Special Bitcoin bonuses: to further encourage the use of rewards, these platforms give bonuses when players participate in games using Bitcoin.

Different bonus codes are made public by these online gambling platforms.

Usually, there are terms and conditions attached to these promotional offers. If you fail to follow the rules, the casino can even cancel all or part of your winnings if you used bonus money.

Where Can You Find Bonus Codes?

You can usually find these bonus codes on the casino’s website or some trusted blogs. A new player should follow the specific instructions that are attached in order to receive the bonus.

Similar Terms and Conditions Across Online Platforms

The terms and conditions on different online platforms are law and binding.

The major terms and conditions associated with these bonuses are:

  1. Timeframe for use
  2. How they apply
  3. Mode of applications

The relationship between the online platforms and the registered players together with new users on the site is usually strengthened and encouraged by the bonus schemes. Special attention must be paid to the terms and conditions.